Cowen Fronts FF “Zero” Campaign

Fianna Fail hunk Cowen

Acting Taoiseach Brian Cowen is the lead poster boy in a new initiative launched by his party to rebrand NAMA as a charity for down at heel senior bondholders, bankers and property speculators.

The groundbreaking Zero campaign will see billboards and building wraps spring up on incomplete building developments all over the state.

Managing to finish sentences without hiccuping and belching overmuch, Mr Cowen spoke in the general direction of reporters at the launch of the charity drive saying, “The optical purpose of this campaign is to spread the message that citizens need no longer worry about having no money – sure none of us do. Well youse don’t. Going forward”

The initiative is the only growing pot of money in the country and benefits from a recent filip of some €8billion of Anglo debt being selflessly bought with borrowed EU cash by government on our behalf securing it as sovereign debt.

“The aim of Zero is to ensure not one of our pals goes without a third foreign holiday or new Rolex next year” said the acting Taoiseach.

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