Cowen Denies Fianna Fail Will Agree Anything To Secure Coalition

Scarcely had acting Taoiseach Brian Cowen cleared the hurdle of the Lisbon Treaty vote before facing into a fresh obstacle to his continued white knuckle ride through ‘leading’ the country ‘out of’ the financial crisis and beyond – in a few days, the Green party membership will get to vote on whether or not to agree the programme for government currently undergoing fine tuning by the coalition partners.

Having secured a yes vote in the Lisbon campaign, the acting Taoiseach is believed to be under extreme pressure to agree to virtually all of his Green partners’ demands for their continued participation in the coalition (aka the heist of the century).

These claims are however being vigourously denied by Brian Cowen; “I have the greatest of respect for John Gormley and his party, and this respect is fully reciprocated by our coalition partners” he said just ahead of going for an agreed run in the Pheonix Park with the Environment Minister under conditions dictated by the Greens. The daily run is believed to be one of the minor requirements on the Greens’ wish list for remaining in government, along with the introduction of a carbon tax, rowing back on education cuts, and banning corporate donations to political parties (MaFFiana Fail’s lifeblood in particular).

ff green 1
Acting Taoiseach Brian Cowen preparing to go for a new mandatory run in the Pheonix Park with Environment Minister and leader of the Green Party John Gormley “We won’t agree to just anything to stay in power you know” he reminded sternly before handing back Mr Gormley his red leather flail.

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