Cowen Cabinet Reshuffle Document Leaked

The Emergency has obtained possession of a torn document contained in a bloodstained envelope and passed onto our reporter by a harried man in a lumpy overcoat who would only identify himself as “Big Dan”.

The document appears to be genuine to our experts1. and shows a detailed diagrammatic representation of the plans to shuffle the cabinet pack as the country steams towards recovery.

Leaked Cabinet Reshuffle Document In Bloodstained Envelope - Click For Larger Version

The Taoiseach’s office refused to comment in detail on the leaked document when contacted by The Emergency, but a spokesghoul for the Taoiseach did say that he could confirm that the position of the “Recovery” on the map in our possession did tally with the current thinking in government. “The great thing about iceber… ehrn, I mean “recoveries” is that nine tenths of them are underwater, which means things are even better than the document in your possession implies, right?”, the spokesghoul added.

Meanwhile Green Party members of the cabinet (or magic wring as it is believed to be about to be re-titled) have said they are confident of keeping the same number or larger of Green ministers (or “Ring Wraiths” as they are now to be known throughout Merrion Square (provisionally retitled “Mordor”)).

1.: Not actual experts.

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