Country Ready For Careful Lady Driver – Cullen

Bill Cullen – sisters are doing it for themselves

Bill Cullen says Ireland is ready for a female Taoiseach. Mr Cullen made his statement earlier today discussing the magnitude of the financial morass that the country is in and to highlight the return of ‘The Apprentice’ .

“We’ve had too many liathróidí – its about time we had some mealbhacáin” he said. This has been widely interpreted as meaning “All the lads in Fianna Fail have fucked up – lets give one of the lassies a go”.

Last week MrCullen called for the resignation of the acting Taoiseach following his controversial radio interview, taking care to add that there have never been so many deals on new and pre-owned Renaults as there are now.

Speaking on Radio Kerry this morning Bill Cullen says his pick for the next Taoiseach is Mary Hanafin.

Here lies Ireland. May the Lord have Mercy on its soul

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