Conor Lenihan: Government Will Have To Be Careful Because Of The Numbery Thing

Government Science Supremo Conor Lenihan has admitted that the resignation of Jim McDaid “makes the sums hard” for the government.

The minister seemed confused at first when called for a response to the McDaid resignation early this morning. But he soon recovered when a government spokesminion reversed the orientation of the phone. “Obviously when you take away one from a number the number you have left will be less, but that doesn’t mean anything. Not to me at any rate”, he said, outlining the situation with characteristic incisiveness, and continuing: “The government will have to be careful of course, there’s no doubt about that. Flip, no! Latest research shows that if you keep subtracting the smaller numbery things from the bigger numbery things then the bigger numbery things get smaller and smaller like a little mouse shrinking and in the end you might have one of those no numbery things. And I don’t think we like those”.

Conor Lenihan With His Abacus

Conor Lenihan With His Abacus

McDaid’s resignation brings to four the total number of Dáil seats now vacant. but Mr. Lenihan seemend unconcerned. “Even without using my thumbs I myself can cope with twice that,” he explained scientifically. The minister also sought to paint a positive picture from the government’s point of view, saying that by not holding bye-elections and by simply waiting for people to keel over, Fianna Fáil were bringing forward reform of the numbers in Dáil in a “real world” way.

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