Coalition In Appeal To Diaspora

Artist’s impression of how the new FG/Lab recovery plan will work

THE IRISH diaspora will be asked to participate in a novel job creation initiative that will involve sending “passage money” home from their domestic service jobs across in the fancy parts of New York and Boston, Taoiseach Edna Kenny has revealed.
Mrs Kenny, who is in New York today for a series of meetings on Wall Street designed to attract investment, believes the 80 million-strong Irish diaspora can also be harnessed to build several new cathedrals in the country.
The scheme, which will be announced as part of next week’s jobs initiative, will involve a finder’s fee of a novena for every slob that emigrates, and stays feckin emigrated, from the project.
“If jobs are created outside Ireland, and are still in existence two years on, the finder or initiator will be thrown a novena arranged by the Government.
“It is a different version of ask not what your country can do for you. You pin-point this for the country and the country is going to respond,” said Mrs Kenny in an interview with The Daily Gael.

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