Central Bank Issues 15 Billion Euro Commemorative Coin

The Central Bank has issued a commemorative coin in the denomination €15 billion on the anniversary of the first coins issued by the Irish Free State in 1928. The coin features two horses in recognition of the work of racing enthusiast Charlie McCreevy in propelling the country towards the day when each man woman and child in ireland will require a purse full of such coins to purchase a pint of milk.

15 Billion Euro Coin

15 Billion Euro Coin

The first coins issued by the Free State were made of turf and blood and were from seventeen feet to thirty-four feet in diameter. Some months later the first bank notes were issued. these were composed of counties the first one in circulation being the ten bob Louth.

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2 Responses to “Central Bank Issues 15 Billion Euro Commemorative Coin”

  1. Eoin Says:

    It commemorates the time when we had money.

  2. Dermot Carmody Says:

    And horses.

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