Callely Statement – Dog Ate My Homework

Ivor Callely’s accountant pictured earlier today

Beleaguered FF senator Ivor Callely has issued a statement this evening refuting all allegations that he submitted bogus expense claims totalling some€3000 for mobile phones using receipts from a company which had ceased trading a decade prior to the “invoices” being raised.

He says he has done nothing wrong and has no idea how the invoices came to be submitted. In spite of his innocence, he will repay the moneys wrongly claimed.

But…but…but…if he did nothing wrong, why pay the money back? A MaFFiana Fail spokesmobster has made a statement to the effect that if we stop struggling it will be more painless and over quicker.

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One Response to “Callely Statement – Dog Ate My Homework”

  1. John McDermott Says:

    Callely can run -but he cant hide no more..

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