Callely Comes ‘Clean’

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  2. John McDermott Says:

    Dear Taoiseach,
    I have been shocked to read how much money Dublin TD’s are screwing the taxpayers for.
    Here in Kerry we get the odd subsidy or grant for a new cattle barn, or a lottery gift to build a new GAA stadium etc. but the kind of expenses that fella Callely is on, would make the most obdurate stroker sick with envy.
    No wonder they call him and his ilk ‘the Drumcondra Mafia’
    Now,I was wonderin’ like, Taoiseach if ye’d have any objections to me puttin meself forward to represent the people of Dublin for the comin’ election-that is of course only if Bertie dies suddenly-or becomes President like- or some other unlikely thing happens to provide a vacancy in his constituency.
    Your loyal follower,
    Jacky Healy Rae (junior)

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