Brave Greens Battle For Key Legislation Much To Delight Of Electorate

The Green Party, which showed immense courage in pulling the plug on the government and precipitating a general election (subject to the passing of the recent budget and a wee break for Christmas) has once again endeared itself to the electorate by insisting that certain legislation be passed before they actually withdraw from government.

There was loud cheering in the streets of Ireland today as it emerged that due to the necessity of passing certain legislation, a general election may not mow be held until March 2011 or even later. “Thank God for the Green Party”, said Waterford mother Mary O’Toole earlier today, cheerily fishing her youngest from a nearby bin. “Id be fierce worried that if they don’t get the Climate Change Bill through it’s be dreadful bad scavenging weather in these parts going forward, and we need them waste levies so people don’t throw out so much stuff and the food is easier to find in the bottom of the bins”.

A Child Celebrates The Postponement Of A General Election In Waterford

A Child Celebrates The Postponement Of A General Election In Waterford

The Green Party also wants legislation on corporate donations to politicians passed before they heroically give the country a chance to elect a new government. “No fecker is ever giving us a penny again,” said a spokesgreen, “and we’re buggered if anyone else is getting anything either”.

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