Blair Biography Published

The cover of Mr Bliar’s forthright alibi

The autobiography of Tony Bliar hits the bookshelves today -former British Prime Minister, one time suck-slave to George ‘Dubya’ Inbred and now prominent Catholic convert, Mr Bliar takes time off his official schedule as Ironic Emmisary to The Middle East to promote this tome.

The mass murderer will be giving away copies of his autograph at Easons bookshop in Dublin on saturday to members of the public willing to purchase a copy of his forthright alibi. This could be your last chance to get a copy of the signature that launched death on almost a million innocent men, women and children.

Mr Bliar is a pal of the leading Irish fiction writer Bertie Ahern, author of Lying Shitbag – The Alibi

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  1. dogs playing poker Says:

    Tony Blair suggests in his memoirs that if the party leans once more to the left it won’t ever win another election. Isn’t there any ground left available in politics except the middle, to the ownership of which both parties aspire?

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