“Bigger Boys Made Me Do It” – McCreevy

Irish financial genius and EU Commissioner for Let Them Eat Cake Charlie McGravytrain has granted 2irish News an exclusive in-depth interview outlining his views of the current global downturn.
Echoing his comments in the media earlier this week, where he blamed a lax approach by major governments to regulation for the creation of a “super-bubble”, Mr McGravytrain told our reporter that he was frequently bullied during the 1990’s and early part of this century by “bigger boys” who held him upside down in the toilets and gave him “…chinese [sic] wrist burns”.
This intimidation was the first step in his being made to “de-regulate” and “cause a bubble” himself.
Mr McGravytrain is expected to make several pronouncements over the course of the next few weeks on the dangers of “running with scissors” and advice that one should never “stare directly at the sun” or eat “dishwasher tablets” no matter how much they smell like playdough.

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