Benedict Touches Down To Wardrobe Gaffe

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI pictured at Madrid airport with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain - Her Majesty is said to be "incadescent with rage" over the wardrobe gaffe

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has landed in Madrid to a storm of protest against his visit – alas tempers were not helped by a diplomatic gaffe caused by Vatican dressers not reading the memo sent from Spain’s Queen Sofia detailing her outfit so as to avoid any clash with the frock worn by the Vicar of Christ.

Pope Benedict has blamed a lack of morals, the breakdown of the traditional family and homosexuality for the error.

LITTLE KNOWN ‘POPE FACT’ – Pope Benedict XVI got his name because he was the sixteenth pontiff to be chosen at conclave by seating him on a muffin topped with a slice of bacon and covering him in Hollandaise sauce!SOURCE: Catholic News Agency

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