Backwardmania Continues As Twins Stagger Through Into Next Round

‘Loveable’ fuckwits Backward

They did it again. The singing Irish twins known as ‘Backward’ sailed through to the next round of the hit reality show ‘The NAMA Factor’ in another nail-biting instalment.

A tabloid phenomenon in Ireland, where critics either love or loathe them, Brian and Brian (28stone) avoided another vote-off, demanding Eamon Gilmore and Enda Kenny battle it out for who gets to make the next suggestion for a budget.

The Grimy twins have been the talking point of this year thanks to their frenetic dancing around making any decision and off-key announcements, which has kept voters terrified. However their enthusiasm for not doing anything about Dail reform, or performing any hard work paid off before last weekend with their performance of the Queen hit ‘Under Pressure’ at the tail end of last week’s final NAMA debate.

The performance was watched at home by fans including dozens gathered at the Dail Bar, Dublin, where the twins are thought to have left their livers on deposit.

The fusion of crap and hand wringing, along with a choreographed routine, earned the boys some of their best comments from the judges so far in the coalition.

“Green” Leader John Gormley — and a fan of Backward’s — ran onstage with a pricetag on his head during their performance but the boys remained unfazed and continued dissembling.

One of the twins later asked backstage: “Who is John Gormley?” to which their mentor Satan replied: “Someone trying to cash in on your power, it happens a lot.”

Mr Gormley later apologised for his stunt on his Twitter page. “Just made arse of myself in Dail by supporting Backward with a pricetag on my head,” he tweeted.

“At the end of the day, I had a pricetag on my head. Sorry if I caused anyone embarrassment. We’re getting more done this way, working on the inside. PS I love Backward.”

The competitors opened last weeks’s final stage of the NAMA debate with an impressive performance of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called A Special Purpose Vehicle’. All 166 finalists were reunited to launch and perform their lack of charity song, a cover of Mary Hopkins’ “Those Were The Days”

Backward, from west Dublin and Offaly have become tabloid sensations with critics divided over their unpopularity and ability. They now face being voted off in the “Budget” challenge where they are expected to reprise their version of the ABBA hit “Money Money Money (Its A Rich Developer’s World)”

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