Assange Prevails – First Pictures

Emperor of Meddling Global Citizenry Julian Assange poses outside court today with a random leak. “Its like he has transparency fever crossed with tourettes mate” said Bruce ‘Cobber’ Stereotype an old classmate of Assange’s.

Asked to explain further, Mr Stereotype declined but did tell our reporter that his surname was an old Dutch spelling of ‘Smith’ before turning up at our office with a back pack the size of Athenry telling us that someone called Mary who he met on a kibbutz last year told him it would be cool if he crashed with us for a while so he could look around for a bit of bar work.

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One Response to “Assange Prevails – First Pictures”

  1. no2ballout Says:

    If I was that pretty little blonde behind him, I’d be … cautious … of … leaks … (wicked)

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