Arse Falls Out Of Arse Market

The arse has fallen out of the international Arse markets this morning as reaction to the reaction continues. Leading Arse trader in Dublin, Kevin O’Buggernotagain, explained that the overabundance of arse has led to a glut with the Universal Non-adjusted Bespoke End-aware Light and Industrial Euro-corrected Validatable Escalated Arse Balance (Low End) (UNBELIEVEAB(LE)) bottoming out at 2% of it’s previous high reached last year during the rush to Arse as traders sought to deny reality.

“There’s so much Arse out there you can’t sell in the current market,” he sobbed as he plummeted to the hard, cold sidewalk below.

Trading in the controversial US Arse Futures market was suspended yesterday and will remain suspended until it becomes certain that Sarah Palin will be fecking off back to Alaska.

Meanwhile the Irish Government has moved to guarantee Irish Arse deposits.

“The state will ensure that there is more than sufficient Arse in Ireland well into the next decade,” promised Minister Of State for Whatever, Sharon O’Pleasegiveusabreak.

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