Annual Appeal To Avoid Gifting Pets Launched

The annual appeal to promote awareness that a pet is “not just for Christmas” has been launched by the ESPCA (Emergency Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). According to ESPCA volunteers while the Christmas season may bring joy and hope to many, it also often means the conclusion of a short unpleasant life for many kittens, puppies, birds and rodents who will ultimately become sustenance for Dail pensioners.

“Many people find it hard to believe, but they’re all at it” said an ESPCA spokescrusty at this morning’s launch of the advertising campaign. “Its true though” he continued after an unusually long pull on a hand rolled cigarette; “Once they get used to living off others they can’t help themselves man – it starts small; they get a few ‘K’ in pension and start eating insects, then pretty soon work their way up to larger game. Its inevitable”.

ispca ad
One of the eye-catching new ESPCA posters attempting to cut off one source of nourishment for Oireachtais pension holders.

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