Andean Musician To Buy Minister Of State

A musician from La Paz known to thousands of passersby on Grafton Street as “one of those noisy feckers with the pan-pipes” has offered a staggering €3000 for the head of West Dublin TD Conor Lenihan, brother of beleaguered Finance Minister Brian Tweedledee.

The Latin American musician told 2irish News that Conor Lenihan’s head is exactly the right kind of empty gourd that he needs to fill out the bass end of his repetoire. Conor Lenihan can be played by blowing in one of his ears; different scales can be achieved by covering and uncovering the various holes on his head – the nostrils; mouth; porpoise like blowhole; and of course the other ear.

Currently Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Pissing Off Foreigners, Mr Lenihan could be followed into the music industry by other leading TDs. The Prague Symphonia is interested in leasing Mary Harney as an auditorium – and Jimmy Page of “super-combo” The Lead Zepplins has put in an offer on Environment Minister John Gormley, as he want something new and really ineffectual for his Dobermans to sodomise.

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