An End To Alphabetical Differences In Irish Politics On Horizon

Fine Gael leader Edna Kenny (Mrs) striding around the capital as his party shows a surge among the key conservative/misanthropic/complete/bastard demographic

Mainstream media outlets are today heralding the inevitable dawn of a Fine Gael minority government which will bring about the end of a tussle over power and the correct Irish spelling of “Right Wing Swine” which has been raging since the Civil War.

This is without doubt the preferred option of benign tax exiles such as the richest man in Malta communications czar Wiggy O’Brien, and the international financier and mustache enthusiast Dermot Desmond – the latter of whom recently outlined his roadmap for the eventual privatisation of Ireland. Mr Desmond has in the past had other brilliant ideas of immense benefit to Ireland, chief among which were the IFSC and bankrolling loveable Kinsealy crim Charles J. Haughey.

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