An Bord Snip Nua Proclaims “The Tiger Is Dead! Long Live The Gimp!”

Following several hours of soul searching and some heartfelt begging not to, the government has opted to publish the report by ‘An Bord Fuck Youa’ which proposes cuts of €5.2billion in expenditure.

Colm McCarthy the report’s author also announced the adoption of a new symbol to represent Ireland Inc. – “The Celtic Gimp”

celtic gimp

Celtic Gimp Logo by TwinDesign for THE EMERGENCY

“The Celtic Tiger is dead. An Bord Snip Nua is proud to present this new, cowering, bitch-slapped image for the economy; the Celtic Gimp is a better reflection of the new Ireland” Mr McCarthy told a queue of citizens clamouring to leave the kip.

Minister for No Finance Brian Lenihan took time off from shaking children upside down for their pocket money ‘going forward’ to assure the public that Mr McCarthy would be made available to take all the flak in coming days instead of him.

Mr Lenihan also took the opportunity to scotch the rumour that he himself had modelled for the new logo. “That could be any overfed inept bastard in a latex hood chewing on an emerald green ball-gag” he said before adjusting his diamanté leash and wincing into his love dungeon.

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