Ahern Still Coming Up With “The Crazy”

Justice Minister Dermot Ahern pictured earlier today

Opposition spokesmen have strongly criticised a proposal by borders looney Dermot Ahern to increase ATM charges as a means of preventing so called ‘tiger’ kidnappings of family members of bank officials.

“This government has unreservedly done everything it can to keep money out of the hands of the citizen in the street” Mr Ahern told reporters from the top of his state of the art minaret in Dundalk “but plainly more must be done” he concluded.

In effect, Mr Ahern’s proposal to prevent bank robberies is not to put an end to current practices which make bank employees targets. He has had the excellent wheeze to charge people more money for withdrawing money that they have already lent* to the banks, ehhhhh…. from…..the banks.

With such brilliance at cabinet it cannot be long before the tiger once again roars.

* at gunpoint while being patronised by a bunch of corrupt, inept, drunk solicitors, teachers, publicans and farmers who appear to think that running the country is a rewarding part time job

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