Ahern Defends Legacy

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has denied that his legacy has been wiped out by the current economic crisis.

In an interview at the weekend which left thousands of Newstalk listeners emotionally damaged, caused 400 to choke and forced a Kerry pensioner to inadvertently mail himself to his brother in Nairobi, Mr Ahern, a sports journalist and amateur politician, also claimed that the Irish housing bubble had not made the current crisis worse here.

“There has always been bubbles, there always will be bubbles. You can’t run a decent sized communal bath without bubbles,” declared Ahern (13) who seemed at times confused and malevolent.

Mr. Ahern also refuted accusations that he was in any way to blame for the recession, saying that politicians could only be held responsible for stuff that happened when they were in power, or at least only when caught rapid.

Mr. Ahern reportedly earns a modest fortune lecturing on The Celtic Tiger, for which he claims to be responsible up to the point it fell on it’s stripey arse. Additionally he has been to loads of football games which qualifies him to write about it in the highly regarded biodegradeable chip wrapper, News Of The Chests.

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