Acting Taoiseach Pledges 300,000 Empty Glasses Over 5 Years

(is this the pic where he’s pissed? its the one they ran on Leno isn’t it? I can’t tell the difference – ah sure run it anyway)

Acting Taoisozzled Brian Cowen has told Fianna Fail’s press service RTE that he is embarking on a brave plan to create 300,000 empty glasses over the next five years – he will do this round the clock every day excluding the Friday before Easter which is traditionally a ‘dry day’ known in the catholic calendar as ‘Croke Park’.

Opposition spokesmen took time off squabbling with eachother to point out that the Acting Taoiseach’s plans are flawed. They say that even if he does manage to down 164 pints a day he hasn’t allowed for recovery time and scheduled media appearances – factoring this in it will take him at least six and a half years to reach his proposed goal.

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