Acting Taoiseach Injured In “Freak Rookie Mistake With Sambuca”

The Acting Taoiseach pictured just before his “Rookie Mistake”

There is growing disquiet this afternoon following this morning’s ‘Cowengate’ interview on Morning Ireland where the acting Taoiseach slurred his way through an uninspiring interview, obviously worse for the wear.

It has since emerged that in the last twenty minutes Mr Cowen has been ‘slightly injured’ following what Fianna Fail insiders are describing as an “…uncharacteristic freak rookie mistake with a glass of sambuca at a party breakfast scheduled for 3pm”

Mr Cowen now faces calls to resign from within his party, St John of Gods, Al-Anon, Al Quaeda and Al Jolson. They join the chorus of demands for an early general election from an overwhelming majority of Irish citizens, Mrs Edna Kenny and some right-wing nutjob with an axe to grind against Charles Darwin.

Don’t forget, The Emergency has published a handy guide for Taoiseachs with a thinking problem: "So – You’ve Had A Bit Too Much To Drink, And You’re In Charge Of The Country And Some Bastard From RTE Is Sticking A Microphone Into Your Face?"

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