A New Year’s Message From Uachtarán na hÉireann


Cailiní agus buachaillaí na h’Eireann. As we face into this centenary year of The Easter Rising,  it is with a glad heart that I wish you one and all the very best from our current government’s vision for a truly recovered and positive Ireland. An Ireland where all is possible “in the mind”.

I am little. Come and dance a tiny wee fella jig with me to celebrate this uniquely Irish economic recovery in my mind. It’s roomier than it looks. A bit like a lovely non threatening Connaught  Tardis

I extend particular words of encouragement and compassion to those of our citizens worst affected by the recent terrible flooding. Many of you have faced the grim reality of your communities being visited by cabinet ministers with photographers over the past few days but as Thomas Aquinas said “this too will pass”. Or maybe it was the Ceann Comhairle. I can’t quite recall

I further extend particular words of encouragy compassion to those of our people suffering hardships brought on by homelessness and austerity. It is a terrible thing to feel so constrained. Only the other day I was saying it to my Aide de Camp as he was fastening the buckles on my Britax HiRide EZ Recliner in the back of the limo. “Ouchee!” I squealed “It’s far too tight”.

In this contentious year, which will test the very marrow of our ability to ignore unpleasant truths about our colonial past, I promise you all that I will continue to represent a human and slightly crumply concerned face that can be wheeled out whenever folk yearn for a memory of Irish political life that perhaps only existed in the mind. Or to enrich itself. I can
never be sure

from our man in the Aras

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