Spire To Make Way For New Monument

Artist's impression of "Justice Delayed" by Robert Kempton-Temple

Artist’s impression of “Justice Delayed” by Robert Kempton-Temple

The Spire in Dublin’s O’Connell Street is to be replaced next year by a new monument commemorating the brave and entirely understandable actions of an ordinary citizen who last night used a crutch to confront Disgraced Former Taoiseach and Current Sponger Bertie Ahern in a bar near the Abbey Theatre

The new monument called “Justice Delayed” (artist’s impression above) is to be commenced next year under the eye of artist Robert Kempton-Temple. “The design will remain unaltered, unless someone manages to ram a wheelchair up the thieving bastard’s hoop in the meantime” Mr Kempton-Temple told The Emergency, admitting that such an event would provide a considerable redesign challenge

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