Funny question; what do two comics, a professional political mynah bird, an award winning actress turned author and two of Ad land’s brightest and best got in common? Straight answer – they’re all mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

In a nutshell that’s the make up and manifesto** of The Emergency a group of six satirists who bring the lash to bear on the powers that be, shady cabals and those who seek power for themselves every day onn this web site and in their acclaimed live performances.

Each time Ireland has faced difficulty in her economy and politics in the media age, satire has reared its head to make hard times easier to bear – in the lineage of Hall’s Pictorial Weekly and Scrap Saturday, The Emergency offers a welcome antidote to the increasing doom and gloom propagated on our beleaguered island nation by a dismal leadership (and it’s prospective replacement).

Last year their eponymous radio series won a PPI award in the innovation category and there’s plenty more where that came from ahead in 2010!

The Team Behind The Emergency

The Emergency is written by the six members of the team and the sketches also feature their voice talents:

Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor

Joe is the man behind Bertie et al in countless tribunal re-enactments. He combines extraordianry athletics of the larynx with the pointed writing of a savvy hardcore satirical veteran and an irresistable cycling technique.

Karen Ardiff

Karen Ardiff

Karen is a versatile actress and author of The Secret Of My Face. Karen has performed in Europe, Japan, Singapore, America, India and Australia, and a novelist who has been translated into Chinese and Albanian. But she’s quite parochial. Her wickedly executed and ruthlessly observed vocal representations are a serious remedy for The Emergency.

Morgan C.Jones

Morgan C Jones

Morgan, TV veteran of Nighthawks and most recently This Is Nightlive and recidivist live perfomer along with Carmody. He’s a towering edifice on the Irish voicescape. Now he approaches you in anger with a script, his three remaining vocal chords and the truth.

Dermot Carmody


Dermot is part of the semi-eopnymous musical comedy outfit Carmody & Jones, a co-founder of Dublin’s Comedy Cellar and long time improvisational practitioner with The Dublin Comedy Improv. A virtuoso performer and a potent scribe who’s as pointy as his pen (which is pointy).

Eoin Byrne

Eoin Byrne

Eoin is MD of ad agency The Colour Purple. Gandalf-like, he perceived the legthening shadows from the Mordor in Kildare Street and gather together a company in the appropriate Dwarf/Elf/Hobbit/Human ratio to deal with it. Hence The Emergency.

Nick McGiveney

Nick McGivney

Nick McGivney was born in a workingman’s club in Lancashire during the fall of Mark E. Smith. At an early age he learned to read and, possibly not coincidentally, to write. He’s still practising both, and hopes to be proficient soon. He also plays flugelhorn with Public Enemy (the original one). On any given evening he can be found musing, and he hopes that the artists’ exemption on musing isn’t removed any time soon.

**To switch on verbose, see: “The Proclamation”.
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